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Steel & Spiked Looped Lariat Necklace

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One of our most unique and versatile necklaces, you can count on this very special piece to complete any number of looks. Steel with wrapped metal, simple and sleek with an unexpected soldered loop accented in pyrite, finished off with a gleaming spike at either end of the generous length of strand. In addition is a tiny but might clasp charm to use for securing the piece for all its varied looks. The light flickers at each spacing within the steel lacing and again at all the remaining 14 Karat Gold filled components. Loop it long for a Summertime maxi dress, or high for a crew neck topper- the possibilities are truly endless. 

Approximately 42"L at longest length; 22"L at shortest 

GypsyPosh speaks to the inner Goddess with perfect passion and style. Natasha Blach is a local San Diego custom jewelry designer that expands on inner beauty through her craft. Started her career in modeling and film and transitioned to modern custom jewelry. Shop the custom made selection for your next signature pieces, wearable obsessions and absolute must-haves. Enjoy! 


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